Lea grew up among horses. For her 4th birthday Lea’s parents offered her her first pony named “Ourasi”. Thereafter it is with Camargue horses that she learned all the dressage’s secrets and the mechanisms of working with livestock. Soon after arriving in Spain in 2007 Lea purchased from the maestros Don Angel and Rafael Peralta her first foals. This is how “Gacela” and “Bético” appeared in her stable. Come after them “Desafio”, a foal from the breeding Arsenio Cordeiro, offered by her friend Fermin Diaz, and “Samuraï”, from the breeding Ortigão Costa. Follow “Indio”, “Ardilla”, “Jazmín”, “Caramelo”, “Diluvio” et “Imperioso”. Each and every one of these horses being trained only by her, in the purpose of bringing them in the arenas. Today and thanks’ to her hard work, the young French girl possesses a stable of ten horses trained for bullfighting and four foals still in training. Lea continues to train individually each mount, forging close ties with all of them and cultivating their own qualities. Her goal: to train her foals at her taste, with a permanent concern for accuracy and aesthetics, so they can be artistic horses in a bullfight always moving.

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